Prominent Areas of Law
May 15, 2014 — 8:15

Legal practices encompass different areas of law and within each practice setting typically you find several practice areas. The listed areas below are just some of the most prominent areas of law.

· Bankruptcy Law applies to insolvency issues of organizations as well as individuals. Legal practitioners in this field are experts in U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

· Corporate Law involves legal aspects of administration of corporations.

· Civil Rights Law aims to balance the competing interests between Individuals or groups of individuals against institutions of government.

· Criminal Law focuses on behaviors, which are defined illegal sanctioned under criminal code.

· Entertainment Law concerns a multitude of conventions, regulations, treaties, and statutes based in federal, state, and transitional law.

· Family Law focuses on legal relations within the context of family and includes child welfare, adoption, divorce, domestic partnerships, and more.

· Immigration Law varies significantly from country to country and includes all stages of naturalization processes from asylum seekers to refugees.

· Labor Law involves both employers and workers covering diverse areas including wages and compensation, harassment, discrimination and such.

· Personal Injury Law involves dealing with both intentional and unintentional wrong doings, which affects individuals psychologically or physically.

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