Auto Accident Attorney Located in Las Vegas
December 16, 2019 — 3:34

Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a Las Vegas personal injury law firm who can help you with your car accident needs. Auto accidents are extremely common; they happen every single day all over the United States. Most people will get in an accident at least once in their life, some very small others will be unlucky and end up in some pretty bad accidents. Some accidents you just need to get the insurance information form the other party and contact them and then move on with your life. It might take a couple weeks to get the money from the insurance companies but you’ll then have the money to fix your car or get a new one and carry on with your normal life in Las Vegas.


Other accidents require more. Some accident you need to have the police come and examine the scene, and other accidents you can suffer from injuries that can last a life time. If you suffered from an accident and it was not your fault, then you need to be contacting a Las Vegas auto accident attorney the second you can. Having an attorney can help your case immensely. They will be the only ones who talk to insurance companies and the other negligent party. They do this to ensure that nothing you say can be taken and twisted in your case. The attorney will help you get your life back by giving you the compensation to pay for any injuries that occurred because of this auto accident.