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July 3, 2019 — 2:22

A prenuptial agreement law firm in Chicago from Katz & Stefani, LLC is one of the varieties of a civil contract, which, however, has certain specific features. Compared with other civil law contracts, its features are special subject composition, content, and subject of the contract. In this case, the marriage contract must comply with the basic requirements for civil law transactions, both in the form of the conclusion and in the content and freedom of expression of the parties. Subjects of a marriage contract can only be persons entering into Chicago marriage and spouses.

It seems that for the purpose of determining the parties to a marriage contract, persons entering into marriage should be understood as persons who have expressed their intention to enter into a marriage by filing an application for marriage registration with the relevant civil registry office. The content of the marriage contract is the establishment of a legal regime of the property of the spouses. The peculiarity of the subject of the marriage contract is that its conditions can apply not only to already existing property rights but also to future objects and rights that can be acquired by spouses during the marriage.

In modern conditions, the conclusion of a marriage contract should be of interest mainly to the spouse, an entrepreneur who wants to protect his company from the division of all property in case of divorce. So have your bases covered and hire a Chicago prenuptial agreement lawyer. In addition, the conclusion of a marriage contract will allow the spouses to avoid disputes, which often arise after the termination of the marriage.

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