Racial discrimination
February 8, 2018 — 1:32

Racial discrimination is constituted by one being subjected to unequal treatment based on their actual or perceived race.

Federal and state employment laws prohibit the use of one’s race as a basis for firing, hiring in addition to other employment decisions. Racial discrimination in the work place can be done openly in which case everyone is aware it is being done. However, in most cases racial discrimination at the workplace is done in a more nuanced way like when an employer simply based on race fails to hire someone.

The major difficulty that arises in the attempt to arrest racial discrimination is the fact that often it can go on unnoticed. Unless the employer admits exercising it, there is hardly a way in which you can ascertain why they took a decision. In some cases, it is more apparent like where one has to declare their race when applying for employment.

Some employers may promote racial discriminatory practices unknowingly. These may range from hiring practices to workplace policies and tests that pick out certain races. If not properly validated, these practices could constitute racial discrimination and could be grounds for a lawsuit.

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