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November 30, 2018 — 2:10

Basically, you have a right to child benefit for every child until the age of 18. This is considered to be child support if there is a separation between the parents. In these cases, it’s best to hire a child support lawyer. This applies to biological and adopted children, stepchildren, grandchildren and foster children whom the applicant has accepted into the household. There are special conditions for the child benefit of foster children: Special conditions for child benefit in foster children: these were not recorded for gainful employment (which is usually the case when more than six children are admitted), the admission is permanent (at least as long as a parent-child relationship can be established) – thus excluding child allowance for on-call care children – there is no longer a care/nursing relationship with the biological parents (the child does not live with his biological parents, but with his foster parents). If you meet the following requirements and you will then be awarded child benefits, you will receive since 01.01.2018 even a little more money than before. For up to two children each 194 $ are transferred, from the third child is 200 euros and from the fourth 225 $.

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