Child Custody Lawyer from Stuart
August 31, 2020 — 1:39

When it comes to child custody in the state of Florida there are two types. There is the legal custody, which can be shared between both parents, that allows the parent to make medical, religious, educational, disciplinary, and health choices on behalf of the child. This can be very important to have to ensure you have a say in your child’s life. Stuart child custody lawyers understand how much this can mean to you and will do what it takes to allow you to get a court order saying that you have a say in these decisions.  You can hire a great child custody lawyer from the family law firm, The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A in Stuart. While they represent you, they also do want what is best for your child. This is a great quality to have in a family lawyer.


They second type of child custody is physical custody. It is the legal decision of where the child is going to live. Similarly, with legal custody, this can be shared between the two parents. Each child custody case is different, some parents get weekends with their child while the other parent has weekdays, some split it down the middle where each parent gets both. It all depends on what happens and what agreements are made in the Stuart courts. When you need legal assistance contact The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A a Stuart family law firm. They will represent you and they will fight for you and what type and how much child custody you are looking to get.