Coral Gables Business Insurance Claims Attorneys
May 29, 2019 — 0:37

Example of damage to the business liability insurance You have a large business or a business with an outdoor area. In winter you forget to sprinkle salt, which is why a large ice surface forms in front of your front door. Unfortunately, this is barely visible. A Coral Gables customer who had an appointment with you overlooks the ice and slips off. He breaks both legs and has to go to the hospital for 8 weeks. In addition, he can not work for 4 months because the legs heal slower than expected. As the founder of the company, you have to pay for the costs incurred and even count on compensation in large amounts, up to a hundred thousand euros. In this case, the public liability insurance and the insurer takes over the costs incurred. So you have no risks and strong protection. The Morgan Law Group, P.A have Coral Gables business insurance claims attorneys to assist you.

The amount of the excess in the event of a claim also plays a part in the calculation of the contribution. Share of excess in case of benefit Number of employees Amount of annual turnover in Annual salary. The Morgan Law Group, P.A is a Hurricane Michael Claim Attorney in Panama city.

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