tread separation
October 9, 2018 — 5:54

Tire blowouts can cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers alike. Tire blowouts occur in smaller vehicles like passenger cars and motorcycles, or they can happen to larger vehicles like pickup trucks and 18-wheelers. Tire blowouts can cause devastating accidents, especially if the occur at high speed or if the accident involves multiple vehicles.

Tread separation may be caused by faulty components within the tire or poor adhesion. If a manufacturer uses inferior or old adhesives in the construction of the tire, the stability of the tread and the tire components may be compromised. In addition, contaminants that are introduced during the adhesive process may cause serious defects that can lead to tread separation. There is a qualified New Jersey lawyer that can help you.

If the tire treads and belts separate from the metal components of the tire, the sudden and immediate loss of air pressure that typically accompanies the event may cause a serious accident. Tread separation may also be caused by the failure of the compounds used to bond the tread and belts to the metal tire components. If the metal parts are allowed to oxidize or if there is an issue with the bonding process, the tire may be susceptible to blowouts while on the open road..When in problem consult Legal Ambassadors to find the best attorney near you.

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